B9/9.5 Charge Pipe with Greddy BOV and Water Meth Port


Turbocharger protection and that awesome WHOOOSH we all love!


The factory solenoid actuated BOV is tiny. Compressor surge is one of the main causes of turbo failure. When suddenly closing the throttle pressure acts like a shock wave upon the turbos compressor wheel. Adding our aluminum charge pipe with integrated BOV flange ensures all excess pressure is released immediately at throttle closure. This not only protects the turbo but give you the BOV whooosh we all love.

  • Tig welded aluminum construction
  • 4 ply silicon connection hoses
  • high quality stainless band clamps
  • Bung properly placed near throttle for water/methanol injection
  • Flange fits Type FV / R / RZ / RS / S style valves

LISTEN: VPS charge pipe with Greddy FV BOV