SC 3.0T (2010-2016) S4/S5/A7/SQ5


Whipple 100AX based twin screw supercharger for the Audi B8 S4 3.0T V6

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Power without compromise

Proprietary design featuring a Whipple 100AX twin screw supercharger. Increased SC flow vs stock. Screw type superchargers are superior at high
boost levels with less parasitic loss and less heat. VPS has designed a method of manufacturing the runners which allow a 75% increase in
intercooler size. We have eliminated the heat soak which has always been a limiting factor to the 3.0 SC platform

Product design highlights…

  • Power – Superior SC volume, efficiency, and cooling allow for higher boost levels. The
    system hardware is good for over 600HP when combined with supporting mods
  • Design and testing – All VPS products are CAD designed and undergo strict quality testing including
    FEA (finite element analysis) as well as real world road testing.
  • Versatility – Clients may purchase any part of the system they need. The system is designed in
    a way that clients wont need to purchase what they may already have such as
    upgraded heat exchangers, etc. Similar to purchasing an upgrade turbo the client
    may add their own components and tuning the way they want. Of course clients will also have the
    option to install the full VPS suite of supporting mods and tuning