Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is pressed at 10,000 TONS from a solid blank of 6061 heat treated aluminum to produce the ultimate in high-strength / lightweight wheels. After the wheels are forged in the press they undergo their final machining on a precision 5 axis CNC. This precision produces a wheel with near perfect balance. Forged aluminum wheels are ideal for applications where performance and safety are critical but a lighter-weight is desired to reduce unsprung weight. Cars with reduced unsprung weight at the wheels will accelerate and brake better. Suspension performance will also be enhanced.

VPS Rotor Forged Monobloc Wheel Superior strength and weight reduction

the VPS Rotor wheel is a custom fully forged wheel manufactured to ISO9001 standards. All wheels undergo finite element analysis to ensure safety.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 18"- 22" and widths from 8" to 12"
  • Custom sizes and offsets are not a problem
  • Forged from one piece of solid 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Chose from a variety of colors including black, silver, white, gunmetal and bronze
  • Available for any make/model of car
  • Custom design "tweaks" on request
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